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    • April 23, 2024 Connection and Restoration
      Connection and Restoration Over the past few months, artists in our Re-Imagine program have been focusing on the themes of Connection and Restoration in their sketchbooks and related studio projects. These subjects have been considered through the lens of natural phenomena, ecological concerns, and landscape abstraction.
    • March 27, 2024 Wild Things
      Wild Things A little over a year ago, I was invited to exhibit my work in the Ruth Brennan Gallery at the Dahl Art Museum in Rapid City, South Dakota. At that time, I was working on several series of work dedicated to the restoration of wild spaces in the Chicago area. These works were informed and inspired by the re-wilding efforts taking place along Chicago's lakefront, in the Cook County Forest Preserve, and at Big Marsh Park on the southeast side of the city.
    • November 28, 2023 Seeking the Wild
      Seeking the Wild For the past three months I have been working on Wild Stirrings: The Pier, a large-scale painting inspired by my regular visits to the Chicago lakefront just a few blocks away from my home and studio. Having such easy access to the shores of Lake Michigan and the natural habitat there has provided endless opportunities to observe and reflect upon the notion of the wild and what it means in our environmentally challenged times.
    • November 26, 2023 Navigating New Directions
      Navigating New Directions Over the past few months, artists in the Re-Imagine: Expanding Studio Practices program have worked with the concepts of navigation and vibration to explore the essence of movement and energy in visual art and how it can be expressed through materials and processes.