New Season, New Series

New Season, New Series

During the month of September, Re-Imagine artists focused on the concept of Extraction by selecting specific areas of images they made during the previous few months and developing related series from them. New works were constructed through multiple prompts that included working in a circular format, exploring new methods and surfaces, and infusing images with the spirit of contemporary artists of interest. The images below showcase these ongoing serial explorations.


Kathleen Maltese - watercolor and ink on paper

Kathleen Maltese


Virginia Carstarphen - graphite, pastel, and ink on paper

Virginia Carstarphen


Mary Gomberg - watercolor and oil crayon on paper

Mary Gomberg


Sue Teller - watercolor, gouache, and ink on paper

Sue Teller


Katharine Hathaway - watercolor, ink, and collage on paper

Katharine Hathaway


Mary Ridley - ink, watercolor, charcoal, oil crayon, and collage on paper and black board

Mary Ridley


Susan Gamerman - watercolor, water soluble pencil, and ink on paper

Susan Gamerman


Phyllis Rabineau - water soluble pencil, charcoal, and collage on paper

Phyllis Rabinea