Water Worlds Exhibition 2022

Water Worlds Exhibition 2022

Over the past six months or so, we have been busy creating work for our upcoming Water Worlds Exhibition, opening June 10th, 2022 at the Anchor Building Gallery in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Hosted by artist/marina proprietor Virginia Carstarphen and curated by artist/studio director Kaye Buchman, the show will be installed in a massive structure located at Trader Todd's Marina on Lake Saint Clair that is usually reserved for boat storage. We are very grateful to Virginia and her husband Todd for providing this exciting opportunity for our community.

Water Worlds will include twelve individual collections of art that explore the subject of water in its many forms and permutations. Drawings, paintings, mixed-media works, and photographs will showcase each artist's unique perspectives and vital connections to this essential, elusive element. The roster of artists showing work include: Kathleen Maltese, Sue Teller, Mary Ridley, Jason McInnes, Katharine Hathaway, Phyllis Rabineau, Jan Wishinsky, Joan Baer, Mary Gomberg, Susan Gamerman, Virginia Carstarphen, and Kaye Buchman.

The composite work shown above was created by our community for the show as a collaborative project inspired by an aerial photograph of the Great Lakes. This image was divided into a twelve section grid and each artist was assigned one section of the grid to respond to in ways similar to the work they are creating for the show. The overall composite image is a glimpse into the many ways that water can stir our creative passions and allow us to think and create fluidly with our own expressive energies. These works developed into our Great Lakes Postcard Mosaic project. Proceeds from the sale of these postcard packets will benefit the Alliance for the Great Lakes, an environmental organization dedicated to protecting North America's Great Lakes. 

Artists from left to right, top to bottom:

J. Wishinsky, J. Baer, K. Hathaway, V. Carstarphen

S. Teller, S. Gamerman, M. Ridley, M. Gomberg

K. Buchman, K. Maltese, P. Rabineau, J. McInnes