Asemic Connections

Asemic Connections

KB Studio artists have been working with asemic writing, a hybrid form of writing and drawing that mimics the written word but does not have actual words or express a specific meaning. This type of expressive mark-making activity has proven itself to be of great interest during this time of much change and information overload. It provides a space for working with free flowing lines, gestural flourishes, and quirky forms while creating a new, personalized visual language. It also offers opportunities for full creative engagement while in a relaxed state of purposeful play.

The piece shown here is a collaborative project that connects the work of fifteen artists via a thru-line that flows from one piece to the next. Students worked in a variety of media, some black & white and others in color. Artists were encouraged to work expressively with their materials, explore inventive mark-making, and be open to organically formed compositions. Margins were kept open around the edges of the drawings so they could be strategically crossed to connect with the surrounding images. 

This community effort provides a glimpse into the interconnectivity of the artists as they have worked together and supported each other over the past year. It represents the uniqueness of each individual artist while at the same highlighting the positive impact of creative connection.

Participants include from left to right, top row to bottom row:

Joan Baer, Virginia Carstarphen, Chris Davidson, Susan Gamerman, Mary Gomberg, Katharine Fenton Hathaway, Karen Hovey, Kathleen Maltese, Jason McInnes, Phyllis Rabineau, Janet S Reed, Mary Ridley, Sue Teller, Jan Wishinsky, and Kaye Buchman.