Water Worlds Exhibition: Exploring the Essence of Water at the Anchor Building Gallery, June 10th-30th

Water Worlds Exhibition: Exploring the Essence of Water at the Anchor Building Gallery, June 10th-30th

Our Water Worlds Exhibition opened on Friday, June 10th at the Anchor Building Gallery in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. Located on a marina just north of the Detroit, this spacious, light-filled gallery offered the perfect setting for the work of twelve KB Studio artists dedicated to the theme of water. The show was hosted by gallery director and artists Virginia Carstarphen and curated by studio director and artist Kaye Buchman. Below are a few installation shots of the show.


Water Worlds Gallery View 8

Sue Teller, mixed-media paintings on wood, waterfall cd collage on Tyvex, and mixed-media prints on paper.

Kathleen Maltese Gallery View

Kathleen Maltese, mixed-media paintings on synthetic paper.

Kaye Buchman Water Worlds

Kaye Buchman, mixed-media drawings on paper.

Virginia Carstarphen Water Worlds

Virginia Carstarphen, graphite and pastel drawings on paper with blue yarn.

Water Worlds Gallery View 7

Virginia Carstarphen, installation with mixed-media prints, drawings, yarn and text.

Jan Wishinsky Water Worlds

Jan Wishinsky, mixed media drawings on paper, graphite drawing on paper, and watercolor paintings on paper.

Susan Gamerman Water Worlds

Susan Gamerman, ink and watercolor paintings on synthetic paper and mixed-media drawings on paper.

Katharine Hathaway Water Worlds

Katharine Hathaway, mixed-media on synthetic paper and watercolor paper.

Mary Gomberg Water Worlds

Mary Gomberg, mixed-media paintings on paper.

Water Worlds Gallery View 4

Joan Baer, mixed-media paintings on wall-covering, paper, and board.

Water Worlds Gallery View 5Jason McInnes, photographs, collagraphs, mixed-media, scratchboard, and ink drawings on paper.

Water Worlds Gallery View 7

Mary Ridley, collage, mixed-media, block prints, and ink on paper, mixed-media  and collage on synthetic paper, ink on synthetic paper, and mixed-media and stencil on paper.

PR_Gallery View

Phyllis Rabineau, charcoal drawings on paper.