Earth Energies Explored

Earth Energies Explored

Over the past few months, our community has been looking at the dynamic energies of our beautiful planet Earth and exploring different ways of expressing them. We started this journey by photographing evidence of change, growth, movement, and decay in natural and urban spaces. These photographs were then used as source material for developing works that captured these ideas, with each artist using a selected range of materials, substrates, formats, and processes.

As our planet struggles to find ways to offset the damage done by the shortsighted practices of our collective human family, the strains on our natural world grow more extreme and force us to confront our own actions -- both constructive and destructive. By focusing on the cyclical energies inherent to the natural world in combination with the complexities of human nature, art becomes an important tool for expressing the connections and fractures, wonders and worries, and reverence and sadness we experience firsthand everyday.

Chris Davidson Earth Energies Art
Chris Davidson
ink, watercolor & gouache on clayboard
Jan Wishinsky Earth Energies Art
Jan Wishinsky
graphite & color pencil on toned paper
  Jason McInnes Earth Energies ArtJason McInnes
charcoal on paper and scratchboard
Joan Baer Earth Energies Artwork
Joan Baer
ink, gesso & watercolor on wallpaper remnant

Katharine Hathaway Earth Energies Art

Katharine Hathaway
graphite on paper, ink & gouache on synthetic paper, and ink & color pencil on paper
Kathleen Maltese Earth Energies Artwork
Kathleen Maltese
mixed media on synthetic paper
Mary Gomberg Earth Energies
Mary Gomberg
acrylic on sketchbook pages and  acrylic on watercolor paper

Mary Ridley Earth Energies Artwork

Mary Ridley
watercolor & ink on paper and watercolor & ink on synthetic paper


Phyllis Rabineau Earth Energies Art

Phyllis Rabineau
color pencil on terracotta paper in sketchbook


Sue Teller Earth Energies Artwork

Sue Teller
mixed media on printmaking paper and ink & watercolor on sketchbook pages


Susan Gamerman Earth Energies Artwork

Susan Gamerman
watercolor on paper


 Virginia Carstarphen Earth Energies Artwork

Virginia Carstarphen
mixed media on canvas and drawing with print on paper