Online Summer Mixed-Media Art Camp 2


August 2 - 30, 2021

Continuing with our fun summer explorations, students in Mixed-Media Art Camp 2 will work with a variety of materials and approaches as they create drawings and paintings based on the subject of Earth Energies and Expressions. 

Through engaging individual and group projects, lectures, meetings, and discussions, participants will explore nature based concepts, experiment with both traditional and non-traditional materials, and connect with our awesome community of dedicated artists.   

Along with weekly one-on-one Zoom support meetings, Art Camp participants will be invited to our Tuesday night Zoom community meetings, take part in special projects (our new Earth Energy boxes), and collaborate on curated group projects.

Early registration is highly recommended to secure a recurring one-hour weekly one-on-one meeting time. Enrolled students will be contacted for appointment scheduling after checkout.

Please read the KB Studio FAQs for common enrollment, payment, and refund questions.